Objectives of the Association

A. To promote friendship among Filipinos in the Northern Territory and between Filipinos and other nationalities in the Northern Territory.

B. To welcome all Filipinos to the Northern Territory and assist all Filipino migrants in their integration and settlement into the community.

C. To promote cultural aspects of the Philippines.

D. To cooperate with governmental and/or other bodies in any way that will further the welfare and development of the community.

E. To engage in social and any other activities necessary to attain the Association's objectives free from any political and religious alignment.

F. To engage in benevolent activities which will advance the cause of member in need.

G. In the application of this constitution, individual rights in terms of natural justice shall be preserved.

In addition to the basic objectives of the Association, the objectives and purposes of the Association shall be deemed to include:

H. The purchases, taking on lease or in exchange, and the hiring or otherwise acquiring of any real or personal property that may be deemed necessary or convenient for any of the objectives or purposes of the Association;

I. The buying, selling and supplying of, and dealing in, goods of all kinds;

J. The construction, maintenance, and alteration of buildings or works necessary or convenient for any of the objectives or purposes of the Association;

K. The acceptance of any gift, whether subject to a special trust or not, for any one or more of the objectives or purposes of the Association;

L. The taking of such steps from time to time as the committee of the members in general may deem expedient for the purposes or procuring contributions to the funds of the Association, whether by way of donations, subscription or otherwise;

M. The printing and publishing of such newspaper, periodicals, books, leaflets or other documents as the committee or the members in the general meeting may think desirable for the promotion of the objectives and purposes of the Association;